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Incorporated in our designs is a thermal barrier to ensure that the inside elements of the curtain wall remain at a constant temperature relative to the exterior temperature of the building. This is achieved by separating the outer elements and the inner elements with a continuous extruded thermal brake. The need for a proper thermal barrier are as follows:

1. To ensure that the temperature of all elements that are located on the interior side of the air seal / vapour barrier is above the dew point at the specified conditions of humidity and temperature;

2. To achieve a warm cavity around the edge of the sealed glass unit by locating the thermal barrier at the outermost face of it.
Considering the type of glazing specified on most projects, it is essential that, for good performance of the system, the incorporation and location of the thermal barrier be such that it will assure an acceptable temperature differential between the middle and perimeter of the glass units, minimizing the probability of breakage due to thermal shock.

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