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Glazing gasket compounds & properties

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Glazing gasket compounds & properties

- Flexible PVC Neoprene EPDM Nat. Rubber Silicone Butyl Santoprene
Hardness : Durometer 50-100 50-90 50-90 40-80 40-80 40-80 50-90
Tensile Strength (PSI) 1000-3500 2000+ 2000+ 3000+ 1000-1500 1500+ 930+
Elongation (%) 200-450 175-500 200-500 200-700 200-500 200-600 420-450
Tear Resistance G G G E P G G
Resistance to Compression Set P G VG G VG F G
Water Absorbtion Resistance VG G VG VG G VG G
Resistance to U.V. P - G VG E P E VG VG
Heat Resistance P E E G E E G
Freeze - Thaw Stability P - F G E G E G VG
Oxidation Resistance F E E G E E G
Abrasion Resistance E E G E P G G
Electrical Insulation G - E F - E G - E G - E E G - E N/A
Permabeability to Gases F G F - P G F VG F
Resistance to Ketones P P G G F G G
Lacquer Solvent Resistance P P P P P P N/A
Motor Oil Resistance P - F G P P F P N/A
Gasoline Resistance P - F G P P F P N/A
Flame Resistance G - E G - E P P F P G
Ozone Resistance G - E G E F E G VG

Legend :
     E=Excellent     VG=Very Good     G=Good     F=Fair     P=Poor     N/A=Not Available

Note : This table is intented as a guide, formulations will vary, contact extruder for specific material properties.
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